Finley Grey | Maternity, Birth, Newborn

Finley Grey is now three months old and I am just getting around to sharing some photos. I had a blast meeting some amazing photographers and making memories.

Our family Christmas photos were taken by Chad from Two Pair Photography.

I was around 30 weeks pregnant. 

if you are local and need a wedding photographer… they are the best.

Two Pair Photography www.twopairphotography.comTwo Pair Photography www.twopairphotography.comTwo Pair Photography

We traveled to Florida to get maternity photos by the lovely, Kansas Pitts.

We saw a shark while we were taking photos!!!

if this first photo was the only one i walked away with, i would have been happy.


Finley’s birth was a whirlwind and Steven managed to get a few photos for me.

Defiantly a big regret not getting professional birth photos.


Her newborn photos were graciously taken by Courtney from Twig and Olive Photography

courtney flew from Wisconsin last minute and i am forever thankful.

finley front


“every good gift and every perfect gift is from above.”

Chad Z - Aww you guys look great as a family! Thanks so much for your kind words and I hope you’re having a blast with parenthood!

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